Meritor Transmissions both
New and Factory Remanufactured Exchange.

We stock a full line of Meritor truck transmissions in 9, 10 and 13 speed models. (See Model List Below)
New and Factory Reman Meritor Transmissions with fast Global shipping on all models.

Meritor Transmission exchange program. Here's how it works.
Get the data tag information off your unit for us and we will ship a  new or fresh factory remanufactured unit to you. We even pay for the core return if needed.
Transmission cores are subject to the manufacturers core policy.
All new and factory remanufactured Mack transmissions are covered by the manufacturers warranty.

We also pay top Dollar for useable Meritor Transmission Cores.
We also buy Meritor Parts.

World wide shipping with same day service is available.
All Meritor
nine, ten and thirteen speed models in stock and ready to ship World wide.
One call does it all, so pick up the phone or send us an e-mail and we'll get you a fast free quote.

Instant delivery and shipping on all Meritor 9, 10 and 13 speed units.

New Meritor Transmissions - Factory Reman Meritor Transmission For Sale.
Our New and factory reman Meritor Transmission exchange program includes the following modelsL

Meritor 9 Speed M Models:
M-11F9A-E11 M-11F9A-S11 M-11G9A-D11 M-11G9A-E11 M-11G9A-M11 M-11G9A-S11 M-12F9A-E12 M-12F9A-S12 M-12G9A-D12 M-12G9A-E12 M-12G9A-M12 M-12G9A-S12 M-13F9A-E13 M-13F9A-S13 M-13G9A-D13 M-13G9A-E13 M-13G9A-M13 M-13G9A-S13 M-14F9A-E14 M-14F9A-S14 M-14G9A-D14 M-14G9A-E14 M-14G9A-M14 M-14G9A-S14

Meritor 9 Speed MO Models:
MO-11F9B-E11 MO-11F9B-S11 MO-11G9B-D11 MO-11G9B-ELL MO-11G9B-M11 MO-11G9B-S11 MO-12F9A-E12 MO-12F9A-S12 MO-12F9B-E12 MO-12F9B-S12 MO-12G9A-D12 MO-12G9A-E12 MO-12G9A-M12 MO-12G9A-S12 MO-12G9B-D12 MO-12G9B-E12 MO-12G9B-M12 MO-12G9B-S12 MO-13F9A-E13 MO-13F9A-S13 MO-13F9B-E13 MO-13F9B-S13 MO13G9A-D13 MO13G9A-E13 MO13G9A-M13 MO13G9A-S13 MO13G9B-D13 MO13G9B-E13 MO13G9B-M13 MO13G9B-S13 MO-14F9A-E14 MO-14F9A-S14 MO-14F9B-E14 MO-14F9B-S14 MO14G9A-D14 MO14G9A-E14 MO14G9A-M14 MO14G9A-S14 MO14G9B-D14 MO14G9B-E14 MO14G9B-M14 MO14G9B-S14 MO-15F9B-E15 MO-15F9B-S15 MO-15G9B-D15 MO-15G9B-E15 MO-15G9B-M15 MO-15G9B-S15

Meritor 9 Speed RE Models:
RE9-115A RE9-125A RE9-135A RE9-145A RE9-155A

Meritor 9 Speed REO Models:
REO9-115B REO9-125A REO9-125B REO9-135A REO9-135B REO9-145A REO9-145B REO9-155B REX9-115B REX9-115R REX9-125A REX9-125B REX9-125R REX9-135A REX9-135B REX9-135R REX9-145A REX9-145B REX9-145R REX9-155B

Meritor 9 Speed RM Models:
RM9-115A RM9-125A RM9-135A RM9-145A RM9-155A

Meritor 9 Speed RMO Models:
RMO9-115A RMO9-115B RMO9-125A RMO9-125B RMO9-135A RMO9-135B RMO9-145A RMO9-145B RMO9-155B

Meritor 9 Speed RMX Models:
RMX9-115B RMX9-115R RMX9-125A RMX9-125B RMX9-125R RMX9-135A RMX9-135B RMX9-135R RMX9-145A RMX9-145B RMX9-145R RMX9-155B

Meritor 9 Speed RS Models:
RS9-115A RS9-125A RS9-135A RS9-145A RS9-155A

Meritor 9 Speed RSO Models:
RSO9-115B RS09-125B RSO9-135B RSO9-145B RSO9-155B

Meritor 9 Speed RSX Models:
RSX9-115B RSX9-115C RSX9-115R RSX9-125A RSX9-125B RSX9-125C RSX9-125R RSX9-135A RSX9-135B RSX9-135C RSX9-135R RSX9-145A RSX9-145B RSX9-145C
RSX9-145R RSX9-155B RSX9-155C RSX9-165C

Meritor 10 Speed M Models:
M-11F10A-E11  M-11F10A-S11 M-11G10A-D11 M-11G10A-E11 M-11G10A-M11 M-11G10A-S11 M-12F10A-E12 M-12F10A-S12 M-12G10A-D12 M-12G10A-E12 M-12G10A-M12 M-12G10A-S12 M-13F10A-E13 M-13F10A-S13 M-13G10A-D13 M-13G10A-E13 M-13G10A-M13 M-13G10A-S13 M-14F10A-E14 M-14F10A-M16 M-14F10A-S14  M-14F10A-S15 M-14G10A-D14 M-14G10A-E14 M-14G10A-E16 M-14G10A-M14 M-14G10A-M16 M-14G10A-S14 M-15F10A-E15 M-15F10A-S15 M-15G10A-D15 M-15G10A-E15 M-15G10A-M15 M-15G10A-S15

Meritor 10 Speed MO Models:
MO-11F10A-S11 MO-11F10C-E11 MO-11F10C-S11 MO-11G10A-D11 MO-11G10A-E11 MO-11G10A-M11 MO-11G10A-S11 MO-11G10C-D11 MO-11G10C-E11 MO-11G10C-M11 MO-11G10C-S11 MO-12F10A-E12 MO-12F10A-S12 MO-12F10C-E12 MO-12F10C-S12 MO-12G10A-D12 MO-12G10A-E12 MO-12G10A-M12 MO-12G10A-S12 MO-12G10C-D12 MO-12G10C-E12 MO-12G10C-M12 MO-12G10C-S12 MO-13F10A-E13 MO-13F10A-S13 MO-13F10C-E13 MO-13F10C-S13 MO-13G10A-D13 MO-13G10A-E13 MO-13G10A-M13 MO-13G10A-S13 MO-13G10C-D13 MO13G10C-E13 MO13G10C-M13 MO13G10C-S13 MO-14F10A-E14
MO-14F10A-E16 MO-14F10A-M16 MO-14F10A-S14 MO-14F10A-S16 MO-14F10C-E14 MO-14F10C-E16 MO-14F10C-M16 MO-14F10C-S14  MO-14F10C-S16 MO-14G10A-D14 MO-14G10A-E14 MO-14G10A-E16 MO-14G10A-M14 MO-14G10A-M16 MO-14G10A-S14 MO-14G10A-S16 MO-14G10C-D14 MO-14G10C-E14 MO-14G10C-E16 MO-14G10C-M14 MO-14G10C-M16 MO-14G10C-S14 MO-14G10C-S16 MO-15F10A-E15 MO-15F10A-S15 MO-15F10C-E15 MO-15F10C-S15 MO-15G10A-D15 MO-15G10A-E15 MO-15G10A-M15 MO-15G10A-S15 MO-15G10C-D15 MO-15G10C-E15 MO-15G10C-M15 MO-15G10C-S15 MO-16F10A-E16 MO-16F10A-S16 MO-16F10C-E16 MO-16F10C-E18 MO-16F10C-M18 MO-16F10C-S16 MO-16F10C-S18 MO-16F10A-D16 MO-16F10A-E16 MO-16F10A-M16 MO-16F10A-S16 MO-16G10C-D16 MO-16G10C-E16 MO-16G10C-E18 MO-16G10C-M16 MO-16G10C-M18 MO-16G10C-S16 MO-16G10C-S18

Meritor 10 Speed RD Models:
RD10-145A RE10-115A RE10-125A RE10-135A RE10-145A RE10-155A REX10-115A REX10-115C REX10-125A REX10-125C REX10-135A REX10135C REX10-145A REX10-145C REX10-155A REX10-155C REX10-165A REX10-165C

Meritor 10 Speed RM Models:
RM10-115A RM10-125A RM10-135A RM10-145A RM10-155A RMX10-115A RMX10-115C RMX10-125A RMX10-125C RMX10-135A RMX10-135C RMX10-145A RMX10-145C RMX10-155A RMX10-155C RMX10-165A RMX10-165C

Meritor 10 Speed RS Models:
RS10-115A RS10-125A RS10-135A RS10-145A RS10-155A  RSX10-115A RSX10-115C RSX10-125A RSX10-125C RSX10-135A

Meritor 10 Speed RSX Models:
RSX10-135C RSX10-145A RSX10-145C RSX10-155A RSX10-155C RSX10-165A RSX10-165C

Meritor 13 Speed ROM Models:

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